"A Little About My Painting"

I paint my own creations. I avoid painting anything copy written or registered (Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, etc.).Each mural is custom painted for you, and will go with the decor of the space (room) it's to fit into. My portfolio is only a reference to show you my style of painting. I don't do any carbon copies of my own work, but the idea and style can be similar. If you're looking for something subject specific & don't see it in my photo's please ask me about it. Everything has a 1st but if it's something that I don't feel I would be the best artist for I will be honest.

I use acrylic and latex (water-based) paints, which are low odor, fast drying, durable, and permanent. They also can be easily painted over in the future (not that you would want to).

Mural Artist

Marc Yankus: Charles Street

Make Your Business Stand Out!

Marc Yankus: Charles Street

Home Interior

Jason Langer: Moonrise Over Montmartre


"Creative Art That You Will Enjoy."

I want you to LOVE your mural when I'm done! My personal advice when considering a mural and choosing an artist is to look at all of their work. You will find artists have a very distinct style of painting. Take the time to find an artist that fits your artistic taste and your budget. I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss ideas and prices. A hand painted custom mural really does transform an ordinary space into a magnificent place.

Thank you for taking time to view my mural gallery. If you have any questions please email or call me directly.

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