"Hi, I'm Wendy Alibozek. Welcome to my portfolio!"

I'm a self-taught mural artist originally from Adams, a tiny picture-perfect town in the shockingly beautiful mountains of western Massachusetts (the Berkshires). If you have been there you will understand why I used so many adjectives! :) I'm now living and painting in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. It's also very beautiful here but our born home is always special.

I've always kept busy painting and doing different crafts, as I'm sure is common of every artist. My cousin Liz opened a childcare center (in Adams) in 1994(ish) she knew who to call to happy up the place. The contractor finishing up her building asked me to paint his kids' rooms (all 5 of them!), and like that shampoo commercial, they told a friend, and they told a friend, etc. Here I am years later, with an extensive portfolio of murals that surprises me, and has me excited to see what I'll be painting next. I love Florida and I love the Berkshires, luckily I have both. When I visit my family I'm able to stay a while and schedule painting in both places (sometimes on the road in between, too).

"Choosing An Artist: "

I want you to LOVE your mural when I'm done! My personal advice when considering a mural and choosing an artist is to look at all of their work. You will find artists have a very distinct style of painting. Everything they paint is different but will carry a strong resemblance. Like a family of 5 (same parents) all the children will look individually different but you can see the relation to one another. OK every so often there is an oddball, but there is with artwork, too. If you hire an artist from seeing only one piece of their work, just hope it isn't the oddball piece! LOL

If you have a visual idea of what you want your mural to look like, keep looking until you find the right artist. I don't believe one artist is better or worse than another, just original painting styles to fit different decorating tastes. All artists price different. It's a matter of time, supplies, the texture to be painted (smooth to stucco), the size of the space, level of detail you desire, experience level of the artist, and demand.

Take the time to find an artist that fits your artistic taste and your budget.

A Little About My Painting:

I paint my own creations. I avoid painting anything copy written or registered (Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, etc.). Each mural is custom painted for you, and will go with the decor of the space (room) it's to fit into. My portfolio is only a reference to show you my style of painting. I don't do any carbon copies of my own work, but the idea and style can be similar.

If you're looking for something subject specific & don't see it in my photo's please ask me about it. Everything has a 1st but if it's something that I don't feel I would be the best artist for I will be honest. I use acrylic and latex (water-based) paints, which are low odor, fast drying, durable, and permanent. They also can be easily painted over in the future (not that you would want to).

A Little About My Process:

I'm not currently charging a proposal/consult fee within the Hillsborough, Pinellas & now Pasco county areas. Other counties will have a gas fee to have me come out. I bring all my own supplies (even food). I don't job hop, when I begin a job I only focus on that work until completion. I do NOT remove wall paper or do any wall repairs beyond filling nail holes.

Most jobs are completed in 2-4 consecutive days. Input, ideas, and changes are always encouraged along the way. If changes raise the price I will confirm this with you at the time we talk about it. I will never surprise you with a different price when I've completed your work. A hand painted custom mural really does transform an ordinary space into a magnificent place. Thank you for taking time to view my work.

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